Mission and Goals

The Graduate Institute of Performing Arts prepares professional talents for original Chinese musicals, collaborative piano and performing arts managers. To successfully bridge the training and the international performance industry, the curriculum balances theory and practice.

As the top-notch program for performing arts in Chinese-speaking areas, the core values of the Graduate Institute of Performing Arts (GIPA) are:

G = Generative
I = Ideal
P = Passionate
A = Active


The Graduate Institute of Performing Arts is the only such program in Taiwan to award MFA and BFA degrees approved by the Ministry of Education.

Academic Programs and Professional Units

There are currently seven major academic and professional units under GIPA:
1. Graduate Institute of Performing Arts: Performance and Creative Composition Section (theater and collaborative piano), Marketing and Industrial Management Section (arts management)
2. Bachelor Program for Performance Arts
3. Certificate Program for Performance Arts Teachers in Junior High Schools
4. Certificate Program for Performance Arts Teachers in Senior High and Vocational Schools
5. Performance Arts and Chinese Musical Center
6. Reherasal Hall in Xin-Jian Auditorium
7. Zhi Yin Black Box Studio

Features and Strengths

1. GIPA at NTNU is the only performance arts program to be approved by the MOE to award MFA and BFA degrees in Taiwan
2. The Program organizes regular performances and concert tours
3. The Program launches large-scale intercollegiate touraments and activities
4. The institute is the only academic program, which puts on ticket-selling performances at the national-level theaters home and abroad
5. The institute organizes an annual academic conference which facilitates dialogues between the academy and the performance arts industry
6. The institute arranges overseas internships for students at major arts festivals and internationally renowned theaters (For example, Edinburgh Festival, Bard Conservatory, arts festival at top theaters in Beijing and Xia-Men)

Professional Career Opportunities

1. Creative artists, performing artists and teachers
2. Collaborative piano professionals
3. Performance Arts Teachers for 12-year basic education
4. Professionals for cultural and creative industries
5. Managers for performance arts, marketing professionals, producers, and curators
6. Civil servants in the government cultural departments, professional arts educators
7. Professional staff at foundations or NPOs
8. Professional staff at the private sector and marketing specialists for culture and art-related industries

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