Wu, I-Fang

Job title:Technical Specialist(Professor Rank) and Director and Director of the Performing Arts and Chinese Musical Center
Office phone number:02-7749-5483
Research expertise:Dance Theater, Choreography, Physical Training

Ho, Kang Kuo

Job title:Professor
Office phone number:02-7749-5497
Research expertise:Culture Policy, Performing Arts Management

Liang, Chi-Ming

Job title:Technical Specialist(Professor Rank)
Office phone number:02-7749-5487
Research expertise:Musical, Directing, Acting
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Liang, Lia Wen-Ching

Job title:Professor
Office phone number:02-7749-5643
Research expertise:Intercultural Theatre, Contemporary Theatre directors, Postdramatic Theatre, Shakespeare Studies, Deleuze Studies, Popular Entertainment.
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Fan, Sheng-Tao

范聖韜 Job title:Professor
Office phone number:02-7749-5490
Reference website of individual research
Research expertise:Performing Arts Teacher Education, Educational Theatre, Arts & Business Cooperation
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Jonathan Bollen

Job title:Professor
Office phone number:02-7749-7642
Research expertise:Theatre History, Dramatic Literature, Popular Performance, Digital Methods
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Lee, Yen-I

Job title:Associate Professor
Office phone number:02-7749-5498
Research expertise:Collaborative Piano
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Tang, Fa-Kai

Job title:Assistant Professor (Contract)
Research expertise:
Performing Arts, Vocal Performance (Classical music, Musicals, Pop music)

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